About the Zoo (er, kids)

Listed from oldest to youngest (and pictured about the same, left to right):


Monkey-Girl: NT(that’s nuerotypical for those not in the “know”), loves to dance, read, sing, read, write, read, and ignore math. She received her name because at birth, and still now, she showed a significant ability to grip with her toes. When barefoot, she has been known to write short stories gripping the pencil only with her monkey feet.


Pony-Boy: Aspie, majorly obsessed with likes football, video games about football, Star Wars (all forms), dancing, and all things tech. His name comes from a day he was dressed in sweats (he was 2) and had his hood pulled low. Due to the strange senssation provided by underwear instead of the formerly familiar diaper, he held his privates while walking. Hubby tried to get him to say, “Wassup, my homies?” When Pony-Boy was finally ready to speak (which was rare enough at this age), he said it differently, “I said, what is up, my ponies?”


Duckie: HFA (high-functioning autism), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and HSP (highly sensitive person), younger than Pony-Boy by all of 13 minutes, likes baseball, dancing, cuddling, lining things up, putting them away, and reading. He earned his monicker from when he learned how to give closed-mouth kisses. As a learning baby and still now, he puckers up in full duck-face mode to share the love.


Moose: Aspie, food hoarder, majorly obsessed with likes basketball, football, baseball, and anything else involving, you guessed it, balls. He also likes to dance (are you seeing a pattern here?) and spin. Moose was almost entirely non-verbal until recently. He could speak at normal age, but reverted to almost complete silence for a long time. His call comes from a tiny present he received for Christmas that he argued prolifically that it was something it was not. “Moose-Bear.”


Mousey: currently a toddler and not exhibiting any spectrum traits, she loves her Daddy, Mommy, and siblings. She enjoys running away, giving hugs and kisses, and dancing. Originally called by a different animal, Mousey’s name came to her because she can be quiet and loves to nibble on some cheese. When her Daddy was making tacos and left the grated cheese unattended, he returned to find her sitting with the bowl in her lap, eating it by the handful.


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